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Low Cost Vaccination/Testing Clinic – Thursday May 5th 2016 from 3pm – 5pm

Low Cost Vaccination/Testing Clinic – Thursday May 5th 2016 from 3pm – 5pm

Spring is Here and So are Fleas – Ticks and Mosquitoes – OH MY!

Is YOUR pet ready?  Make sure YOUR pet is tested and protected & Up-to-Date on Important Vaccinations and Tests all in One Afternoon!
Do you even know what parasites are in your own back yard? You can see here what sort of diseases your pet/s can catch right here in Massachusetts…. The 3 most common ticks in New England are pictured below…

3 common ticks in NE

Warm weather is here and so is flea, tick and mosquito season. All of these pests can be dangerous to your family pets. Pests That Feed on Your Pets. The soft, warm fur of dogs and cats provides the perfect environment for fleas and ticks. These insects feed on your pet’s blood and can cause health problems ranging from allergic reactions to serious tick-borne illnesses.fleas and ticks

  • All of these pests – (internal and external) can easily be tested for and prevented or treated simply by having your pets tested and put on preventative year round. The Sterling Shelter’s on-site veterinary clinic is offering a low cost walk-in clinic for the community’s pets.
  • Vaccinations and preventative tests and medications are critically important to keeping your pet/s healthy and protected from deadly diseases and viruses, so it is very important for each family pet/s to have these done annually. Because it’s spring and we’re all aware of these parasite problems we wanted to make sure affordable testing and prevention was available to our communities animals. So please spread the word!

Vaccination clinic May 5 2016

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