Low Cost Pet Vaccine Clinic

Low Cost Pet Vaccine Clinic - Sign up for our Friday vaccination clinics for your dogs and cats.

Sterling Animal Shelter Vaccine Clinic

Friday Vaccine Clinic

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Due to popular demand the shelter will be offering a low cost affordable vaccine clinic for dogs and cats, starting December 3rd, 2021.  This will be open to the public from (hours published in sign up form) and will run continuously every Friday until further notice.

Availability will be on a first come first serve basis.  We will be practicing a Covid friendly process.  All participants are asked to arrive at the shelter and remain in their vehicle until a staff member comes to your car to help you.

These clinics will be strictly vaccine and minor testing services as listed below.  These clinics are not intended to replace regular veterinarian procedures and check ups.  We will not be able to examine or consult on other pet related medical conditions.

In addition to services selected below there will be a $25 admin charge per pet.

For Dogs For Cats 
Distemper (DHPP, no Lepto)$25Distemper vaccine (FVRCP) $25
Rabies vaccine (1yr/3yr) $20Rabies vaccine (1yr/3yr)$20
Kennel Cough vaccine$20
Microchip$35Cardboard Carrier$10
DNA Testing Kit$80Dewormer$10
Heartworm Testing (Witness)$20Flea/Tick Treatment
(Single dose applied today)
Iverhart Plus All Lbs Single Dose$10Flea/Tick Treatments
(Box of 3 doses)
Iverhart Plus All Lbs Box of 6$55
Dewormer under 25 lbs$25
Dewormer over 25lbs$30
Flea/Tick Treatment
(Single dose applied today)
Flea/Tick Treatments
(Box of 3 doses)

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