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How to Receive a Cost Estimate and Book and Appointment

  1. Fill out our Request Form so we will have all the information needed to provide an estimate.
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  3. If you are having problems with the form you can email or call (978) 422-8449.
  4. Allow 2 business days for us to contact you, if you have not been contacted within 2 business days please call us.
  5. After receiving the estimate and booking an appointment with a staff member you will need to fill out the forms below.
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  7. Bring these forms with you on the day of surgery.
  8. If you need to cancel or reschedule, please notify us as soon as possible.
  9. Be on time and prepared, we process all the intakes at 7:30 am.

General Spaying-Neutering Costs


  • FREE pre-op exam
  • FREE E-collar (value of $15-$30+ depending on size)


  • Female Spay – base rate of $350 plus $2 per pound (i.e. if your dog weighs 25 pounds total is $350+$50 = $400)
  • If Canine is Pregnant OR In heat additional charges will apply.
  • Male Neuter – base rate of $300 plus $2 per pound (i.e. if your dog weighs 25 pounds total is $300+$50 = $350)
  • Larger breeds such as St Bernards or Great Danes will be quoted on an individual basis and may incur significantly greater rates. 


  • Female Spay – $225
  • If Feline is Pregnant OR In heat additional charges will apply.
  • Male Neuter – $175
  • Cardboard Cat Carriers available for $10 (FOR SAFETY will be required if felines do not arrive in a carrier made specifically for pets)


  • Female Spay – $350
  • Male Neuter -$300

Feral Fix

  • Program for feral felines – $150 male or female (includes ear tip and rabies vaccine)

Additional Charges (Possible Complication Charges)

All of the estimates that we provide are given at the lowest possible cost based on zero complications. On some occasions animals (just like people) present unforeseen complications that we only realize at the time of surgery.  We have to charge for these costs to continue operations. Below are some of the more common complications and the additional charge that may be incurred if these happen when we are performing surgery on your animal.

  • Cryptorchid (un-descended testicles) Inguinal – $75 PER testicle
  • Cryptorchid (un-descended testicles) Abdominal – $125 PER Testicle
  • Umbilical Hernia Repair (with Spay or Neuter) – $100 + added to fees above with spay or neuter (depending on time/anesthesia)
  • Dogs and/or cats (Over 5 years/obese/other surgical complications additional $100+ added to fees above with spay or neuter (depending on time/anesthesia)
  • Cardboard Cat Carrier – $10 (FOR SAFETY will be required if felines do not arrive in a carrier made specifically for pets)

Optional Services at Additional Cost

  • Nail Trim $10
  • Rabies $20 owner must provide rabies certificate day of surgery otherwise we will vaccinate here prior to surgery PER STATE LAW
  • DHPPV (dogs) $25
  • Bordatella (kennel cough) $20
  • FVRCP (cats) $25
  • Heartworm test only – $20
  • FIV/Leukemia SNAP test for cats $35
  • Micro-chip $35 (most veterinary hospitals charge $75+)
  • Flea/tick topical treatment 1 dose $15 (good for 1 month) or Flea/tick – 3 pack (3 months) box $40
  • Fecal testing $20 (pls bring stool sample in disposable ziploc bag or plastic container)
    Cat Deworming – $15
    Dog Deworming – Under 25 lbs $25
    Dog Deworming – Over 25 lbs $30
  • Dewclaw removal $75
  • Deciduous teeth (otherwise known as baby teeth) removal $35 per tooth

Other Surgical Services and Procedures

We may be able to offer the services listed below at a discounted rate, but every animal procedure is different, so we ask that you submit the request form.  Our Veterinarian will evaluate the request and estimate the amount of time and cost to treat the condition, and/or may refer you to another hospital in our network for help.

  • Dental Cleaning and Minor Extractions
  • Ocular (Cherry Eye, Entropion, Enucleation, Eye Removal)
  • C-Section, Dystocia and Pyometra
  • Abdominal (Cystotomy, Foreign Body, Perineal Urethrostomy, Hernias)
  • Orthopedic (Tail, Limb and Digit Amputations)
  • Cutaneous (Wounds, Mass Removals including Mammary Masses)

Additional Discounts

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Additional Services and Products – Many are NOT OFFERED by other Veterinary Hospitals.

  • Our clinic offers Feral Fix – spay/neuter male or female for feral cats (includes ear tip/rabies).
  • After Surgery – all animals receive pain medication.
  • If you are having your pet spayed or neutered we offer low cost vaccinations – internal and external parasite preventative – heartworm preventative and E-collars to prevent licking incision as additional and optional services.
  • Low cost micro-chipping $35 services. Most hospitals charge $65-$75+ to micro-chip a pet.
  • Our shelter office has a retail area which offers a wide variety of lower cost pet items for your pets – crates, beds, toys, leashes/collars, shampoo, stain/odor remover – we’ve got it all and sell it far cheaper than the pet supply stores.
  • Our shelter offers PERSONALIZED IDENTIFICATION TAGS engraved while you wait. ID tags and micro-chipping Learn WHY ID tags are critical to returning a lost pet.
  • DNA TEST KITS -find out what your mixed breed dog is with this fully detailed and complete report! Click here to see a full report sample
    dog dna test kit

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